Why do I need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Loss of data can be devastating to a business and traditional backup methods are rife with potential problems; they’re susceptible to magnetic failure, they’ve limited capacity, costs can be difficult to budget for, restore times are excessive, they may require manual operation/swap over and then there’s the question of backing up the backup. Onsite digital backups, while significantly safer and more practical than tape drives still have disadvantages; they require maintenance and upkeep, eventual replacement and how would your organisation cope if a fire destroyed the equipment, for example?

How would you cope with the following scenario?

Theft – As a business owner we all dread the phone call in the middle of the night to say our premises have been broken into. Well how would your business cope if all your office PC’s were stolen?

Fire – Many businesses who have been effected by fire find it hard to recover from such a loss. Lets for a minute suppose your business has been effected by fire, how do you tell the insurance assessor what you had in stock at the time of the fire? Such data is usually held on a PC and if this PC was also destroyed in the fire then such information can be hard to provide evidence of.

Flood – Computer equipment and water don’t work well together and with so many areas effected by flooding recently then you need to safe guard your information against flooding.

Data Corruption – All the above scenarios are from outside influences and this might not always be the case. Hard drives only have a finite amount of life, or mains electrical problems may cause them to stop working. Recovery from hard drives, while not difficult is still expensive and more importantly, time consuming. Typically hard drives which need recovering will have to be sent to a specialist clean room facility to be dismantled.

Malicious intent – Whether this be from a disgruntle employee or from Malware, this is software which once on your machine will either lock the machine or encrypt the files contained on it. Typically this encryption will lock all your files and until a ransom is paid will deem all files useless. See Ransomware on Wikipedia also search for crypto locker!

We here at Milkshake Design know how important your companies data is, its the life blood of your business and because of this we offer a range of backup and disaster recovery plans. These range from Data Recovery through to setting up a copy of your office at short notice minimising your business downtime.

Features available
– Secure offsite replication
– ISO accredited Data Centres
– Cost effective
– No capital expenditure
– Fully scalable with demand
– Pay as you grow
– Guaranteed service levels
– 24/7 UK based technical support
– Simplified and rapid restoration process

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