Domain name registration

One question we are frequently asked by our customers is “Why is it important to have our own domain name?”

The simple answer is your domain name is your address on the internet. As the name suggests, your “Web Address” is your location on the internet. Even if you don´t plan to use a web address yet, then it´s a good idea to purchase it before somebody beats you too it as once its gone it can be incredibly difficult to get it back.

Also once purchased a web address can be used, at a small cost, to provide email addresses to your staff, allowing them to communicate via email, thus speeding up communications between supplier and more importantly customers.

How domain names work:
The internet relies on web addresses to allow people to find information online.

When a Domain name is typed into the web browser or an email is sent, a process called resolution takes place where a domain name is located on the internet via a series of Domain Name Servers which locate the machine where the domain is held, this can be either a Website or Email server. This is done by changing the domain name, ie: into a number called an IP address, such as Any traffic is then routed to this IP address and either a website is displayed or email is delivered.

This process is not strictly required but we human beings are not well suited to remembering lots of numbers such as IP addresses, so the Domain name process makes it easier for us to use the internet.