Google gives greater search ranking to mobile friendly websites

Mobile friendly websites

We watch what changes Google makes here at Milkshake, well, as much as any company can actually do, and recently we’ve noticed lots of notifications in Google Webmaster tools * about some of the past sites we have completed. There have recently been lots of notification about some of our past websites which are not mobile friendly websites, due to age or budget. Most of the new websites we’ve done in the past few years haven’t received such notifications as these are already mobile friendly.


So this got us thinking and we started looking at the volume of hits on the mobile friendly websites and in the past few months we’ve noticed some of these site are starting to get more traffic. There is no other explanation about why they are getting more traffic other than that Google is now putting more emphasis on sites which are mobile enabled.


On doing more research we’ve found quite a few articles which relate to Google now giving greater emphasis on mobile enabled websites. However Google has also said it will demote non mobile friendly websites.


So what does this mean for your website?


Well as the search engine ranking is now being influenced by whether your website is mobile friendly, does it work on a mobile phone? it is useable on a mobile phone? or does your website adapt to the device its displayed on so it no longer looks like the desktop version of your website?


If the answer to any of these questions is No then you more than likely don’t have a mobile friendly website and you need to seek help in changing this.


If you want more information or want to find out if your website is mobile friendly then contact us on 01625 266883 or complete the contact form opposite and find out how we can help you exploit this latest Google development and get a better search engine ranking. Please let us know your web address in the message box.


* what is Google webmaster tools?
Webmaster tools is a series of tools aimed at helping webmasters index, check, optimize visibility and monitor their websites from a single portal.