Custom web applications

Are you looking for a website which can for fill a specific job but need it to do something quite unusual or perhaps you have a new project which requires some code writing because there is nothing on the market which meets your exacting specifications. Our team can help write custom web applications with many past projects under out belt.

Don’t worry, we can help!

We have in house specialists who can write code from scratch to a given specification and have done so many times in the past. Whether it need to be created using PHP, ASP,, Ruby on the rails, Javascript or even Pearl, we have specialists in most programming languages.

Here are a few of the past projects we have worked on in the past few years.



An online Dealer to Dealer car sales website with lots of tools to allow dealer to list trade in stock very quickly and easily by linking to online DVLA records which pull all the vehicle specifications from the given vehicle registration.



Optimum Television
Providing television programs around the world in the past has been a major financial headache for Optimum as sending tapes of programs from country to country is not only expensive but different countries use different TV formats so there is an added financial issue of having to change the formats before they are sent to different countries and these are just the pre-sales screeners.


To get around this problem we created an area on their website where digitised content can be uploaded and buyers around the world can login and watch trailers and episodes online via a HTML5 compatible video player. This solution also lets Optimum staff use Ipad and Android devices to demo programs without having to convert them into specific file formats.

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