Here at Milkshake we believe in offering our clients proactive support and use several methods to allow us to provide remote desktop support.

Those requiring support over the internet should use one of the following methods, listed below, and then give us a call on : 01625 266883




Most of our existing customers will be using Teamview and you can download Teamviewer by using the link below.

If you already have or are unsure if you have Teamviewer then below are instructions on how to find it and run it.


Quick Assist

Our Windows 10 customers already have a remote support application built into their operating system by Microsoft.

This is called Quick Assist.

Below is how to find Quick Assist and run it.

Teamviewer can be downloaded at one of the following links

For Windows devices

For Mac devices

To run Quick Assist on Windows 10 devices, type: “quick assist” in the search box on the bottom right of your screen or click the Windows Start button and scroll down to Quick Assist.

Once running we will give you a code to allow us to connect to your computer.