Website Photography Services

“Wait, hold on a minute, aren’t you a web design company?”

Yes! Yes, we are but we find that our clients need photographic content from time to time, whether it’s for their websites, brochures, posters or other uses.

With over 30 years of photographic experience, we can provide the highest quality studio or location images.

All commercial work is covered, including advertising, editorial, illustrative, product, portraiture, corporate, sports and public relations. Milkshake Design is experienced in all of these areas and can provide you with a total photographic solution.

Milkshake Design uses cutting-edge technology to produce quality imagery in both 35mm and 4 x 5 format film. Increasingly, however, more of our work is now produced utilising high resolution digital imaging systems. With no film or scanning costs this can prove to be an extremely cost-effective solution. Images can be provided on most modern disk formats, electronically via our secure website area or e-mail.

No job is too small and, with any additional photographic support being outsourced, we can cover the largest assignments.

Please call us on 01625 266883 or complete the form opposite.

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