Milkshake design is an LGBTQ+ friendly enviroment and we are committed to promoting equality valuing both ethnic, gender, and sexual diversity so we can create an inclusive environment for staff, customers, and suppliers.

We offer equality and opportunity and an environment free from discrimination believing this to be a fundamental human right and we actively promote these rights.

Our environment is that we seek to create and promote a culture of inclusivity along the lines above and we challenge ourselves to uphold these values while continuing to learn how we can act in support of equality and diversity.

It is our policy to respect the diversity of our employees, prospective employees, suppliers customers, contractors, volunteers, and any other beneficiaries of our business. We strive to treat everybody fairly and equally regardless of age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, relationship position, race, colour, caste, culture, nationality, disability, or ethnic/national origin.

This policy applies to potential, current or past business partners and stakeholders.

Our inclusion policy means that all are welcome at Milkshake Design UK Limited and everybody will be treated with dignity in line with our values irrespective of their background.

Milkshake design expects that all its employees, board members, contractors, and consultants take individual responsibility to follow our diversity policy and fully support the principles of diversity and inclusion as they do business with our customers and suppliers.

We hope that these members encourage and share these principles throughout their working environments.

All complaints will be investigated by the managing director and the outcome communicated to all parties involved once a conclusion has been reached.

If you have a complaint about our inclusion policy here at Milkshake Design then please email:

Milkshake Design UK Limited is proud to provide help and support to MaccPride™ which organises LGBTQ+ events in and around the Macclesfield area.