Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Firstly let us explain why is SEO important in today’s internet environment.

With more and more web pages vying for position on search engines such as Google and Bing you need to make sure your website is optimized to help your search engine result ranking. If your website is not listed high in the search engine results then the number of visits your site is likely to get is greatly reduced and if no one can find you in the search engine results they cannot click through to your website and ultimately buy your products or services.

If your website needs more traffic then we at Milkshake can help in you with your Search Engine Optimization strategy both on and off your website.

Providing textual changes, adding additional information to your website and even finding partners to help promote your website. We can even help with your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign on Google adwords or google shopping if you use these methods to drive traffic your website.

If you’ve had a website for a number of years and you want more traffic to this website then we at Milkshake Design can help you with your Search Engine Optimization campaign.

“If you sell products online then Search Engine Optimization should be your first marketing activity on your website….”

With many years of combined search engine marketing industry experience, Milkshake are wholly accustomed to how search engines really work and instead of trying to use random methods that may or may not succeed, have developed highly effective marketing techniques that are proven to increase your site ranking and website traffic.

Our tenacious approach means that even after we have implemented your search optimisation strategy, we ensure its success is sustained by continuously monitoring results and producing reports that prove it is being effective. Of course, there is little point in just ourselves seeing how well it is doing, so we report back to you on a monthly basis, giving you a full and detailed analysis of your campaign to date. We are proud of our accountability and believe that this type of working relationship yields optimum results. We believe that our approach to search engine optimization is one with proven results, time and time again.

“With the total number of web pages now exceeding 1 billion you need Search Engine Optimization to help people find your web pages….”

When you trust Milkshake as your partner for internet marketing, you do so knowing that we are as passionate about it succeeding as you are. We are obsessed with search engine optimisation and making sure that we are constantly think of new ways to promote our client’s sites via this method.

We are never satisfied and are very eager to push each of our client’s campaigns further and further. If you are in need of a vibrant, enthusiastic search engine marketing agency that is as dedicated to your success as you are, then call us on 01625 266883.

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