ANPR camera install and WiFi bridge

ANPR camera install and WiFi bridge

Another Automatic Number Plate Recognition system was installed (ANPR Camera install), this time for a large client in Wilmslow.

This has been installed to prevent people from using their car park as a shortcut and this camera system works in conjunction with barriers on either side of the sizeable car park.

The small box in the second photo is a Wi-Fi bridge and sends data between the camera at the gate some 1/2 a mile back to the main building. This provides a cheaper alternative to cabling which would have cost over £15k with associated groundworks.

The Hikvision system holds a white list of allowed vehicles and when a vehicle drives up to the gate the camera will allow vehicles on the white list in and open the barriers.

Vehicles not on the white list are denied entry and drivers must use the intercom system to gain entry or divert around the clients site.

This client has over 2,500 gate activations per day and is quite a busy site.

The cameras and gates were installed after several accidents involving vehicles using our client’s car park as a shortcut.

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